Antimicrobial Cotton Face Mask

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Like all of USA Goldshield Group ‘s products, antimicrobial cotton face masks are designed for your safety and comfort. We make our products easy to use, for your family, friends or employees. We believe in making cotton masks perfect for everyone.

Antimicrobial Cotton Mask - Child

Starting at $13.99

Antimicrobial Cotton Mask - Adult

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Comfort & Long Lasting Performance

Looking for the safest, cotton face mask? The Goldshield Antimicrobial Cotton Mask is the latest innovation for ultimate antimicrobial protection and comfort. Like no other mask on the market, our cotton mask utilizes Silvadur™ technology that provides 99% antimicrobial protection for up to 50 washes. 

Advanced Technology & Fabric

SILVADUR™ technology forms a polymeric coating on the fabric, allowing for smart release of active silver ions.  Fabric used for the Cloth Face Masks is treated with a Patented polymer containing silver technology that delivers silver ions to fabric surfaces and activates them in the presence of undesirable bacteria. 

Micro-organisms are killed on the textile through contact with silver ions. SILVADUR™ antimicrobial provides long-lasting performance, up to 50+ washings… it can even stand up to chlorine use and high laundering temperatures.

Advantages of the Cotton Masks

The Goldshield Antimicrobial Cotton Mask regulates the release of heat easily while it gives ultra-comfort to the touch of the skin. Goldshield’s cotton mask enables a peace of mind that comes with antimicrobial protection along with all-day freshness.

Comfortability & Protection

Protect the wearer from sprays, splashes, and large-particle droplets.

Uncompromised human safety with a sustainable environmental footprint

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