Disposable Protective

Our disposable protective clothing offers a wide scope of applications with comprehensive and effective protection in medical and laboratory facilities

Medical Level Isolation Clothing

USA Goldshield Group is manufacturing and supplying essential disposable coveralls that will protect against most particles. Our disposable coveralls are very strong and made of fabrics that resist abrasion. The non-woven material is very breathable to help keep the wearer feeling cool and comfortable. We have several disposable coveralls, surgical gowns, and more that can be used for a variety of applications. We recommend usage of coveralls if you are working in the manufacturing, industrial, medical and other industries.

Effective Protection

Authentic Guarantee

Comfortable Fit

Class A Medical Device

Responsible and Sustainable

How we develop and manufacture PPE

Throughout the process, we monitor changes in technology and follow a strict methodology to make sure all of our products surpass the highest standards. We ensure that we closely follow policy developments and receive necessary certifications from respected authorities like the FDA, CDC, and EPA.