Enhance Patient Care

Enhancing patient care is USA Goldshield Group’s latest goal in the response to the global demand and accessibility for PPE.

Our Commitment to Providing PPE

For many years our long-term business strategies have been focused on improving the healthcare indsutry with investment plans and research programs geared toward PPE technology and manufacturing.

Satisfying the demand for PPE

We are the leading manufacturer of PPE, distributing quality masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and disposable clothing.

Distribution you can count on

We work with FedEx, UPS, and USPS to deliver your order in a timeline manner across the U.S and the world.

Support every step of the way

We are servicing both private enterprises and governments with the PPE they need with on-time delivery.

PPE Matters

As a global community, we must make a combined effort to invest more into the PPE and medical supplies that will make the world a better safer place.

Illness Prevention

Creating products that help doctors and the general public lessen the spread of illnesses is an important part of our approach to improving PPE quality.

Responsible and Sustainable

How we develop and manufacture PPE

Throughout the process, we monitor changes in technology and follow a strict methodology to make sure all of our products surpass the highest standards. We ensure that we closely follow policy developments and receive necessary certifications from respected authorities like the FDA, CDC, and EPA.