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Smarter cost effective and quality products.

Our range of services will connect all the manufacturing technology dots to bring your manufatuering process to life while also having it be the fastest and most cost effective process possible.

Modern PPE Production Line

Transform your output with our cost effective machines to produce all your PPE including gloves, masks, hands sanitizer, medical gowns, and other disposable medical products.

Iindustrial Grade

Industrial grade robots implementation using machine vision, advanced sensors, and cloud based communication especially integrated for your needs.

PPE Production Solutions

Our strength lies in the understanding of multiple technologies & business processes. Our promise is to architect a roadmap that helps you realize tangible business results faster and cheaper.

Mask Production Line

We have the best mask making production lines with the latest ultrasound soldering technologies available. You can produce millions of masks per day including: -3Ply -3D -G95( Equivalent to N95) -KN95 -Anti microbial Cotton Mask

Nitrile Medical Gloves Production

Our high quality glove production lines are the best solution in the market to simplify the production of nitrile medical gloves machine manufacturing with capacity to produce more than a million gloves per day, per line.

Hand Sanitizer Production

Our high quality hand sanitizer production line model is the best solution in the market to simplify and enhance the production of hands sanitizer manufacturing with capacity to produce more than a 500,000 bootle per day per line.

Product & Industrial Design

We help you plan and development your products that will be manufactured industrially, from their conceptualization all the way to their manufacture and sale.

PPE Development

Design, prototyping, assembly, and preparation for mass production.


Automate your process from the beginning to the end. we provide all you needs for your PPE production. Contact us

Whatever your needs may be, we can provide a cost effective and stress-free solution.

We have the experience and expertise you can count on.

We transform your needs into a fully functional concept through the synergy of design, hardware, and software technology.

From the concept to design.

We work with you to fully design every aspect of the project including all of the procedures of the manufacturing process.

We are you your partner to stop the spread of COVID-19

We manufacture and develop every aspect of the project to integrate it into a final product.

We can setup 10 production lines to deliver

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