Hand Sanitizer

Our sanitizer is crafted with natural, unscented moisturizers. Our product can sanitize and moisturize your hands at just about anytime and anywhere. Perfect for a quick clean-up when soap and water are not available.

FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer

Our FDA approved instant hand sanitizer contains 75% alcohol and kills 99.99% of germs. Made with moisturizer to leave hands soft and non-greasy once dry. It is effective to be used by healthcare personnel because our formula is consistent with the recommendation by the World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

75% alcohol formula

Kills 99.99% germs

Automatic Hand Dispensers

We offer automatic hand sanitizer dispensers for your school, business, or home to keep your hands clean and sanitized. Our touch-less dispensers are very easy to use and perfect for adults and children.

Ensure optimal hand sanitizing with over 600 dispensing gels per fill-up. Our units are ideal for tight spaces and will minimize cross contamination. The units also incorporate indicator lights so anyone can easily monitor the fill level. 

Compare Hand Sanitizer

Travel Size Hand Sanitizer - 3.4 oz.

Starting at $2.99/bottle

Pump Hand Sanitizer - 10 oz.

Starting at $5.99/bottle

Pump Hand Sanitizer - 16.9 oz.

Starting at $7.99/bottle