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We have large quantities of masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, surgical gowns, and PPE in stock based on CDC guidelines for office buildings and retail stores.

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USA Goldshield Group can provide large quantities of cotton face masks, which can be rebranded,  at fair and reasonable prices. As businesses begin to reopen, face coverings are likely to remain popular as a preventative measure. Numerous jurisdictions have encouraged—or mandated—citizens to wear face coverings when out in public, especially when social distancing cannot be maintained effectively. Some directives also obligate employers to provide masks to their employees.

USA Goldshield Group offers bulk discounts on orders through our website at fair and reasonable prices. Options to secure future monthly supplies are available upon check out or by contacting our Office Building and Retail Store Liaison. Email us today at [email protected] or call us at (323) 584-8888.

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USA Goldshield Group produces large quantities of PPE for hospitals, federal, state and local governments, enterprises, small businesses, restaurants, hotels, airlines, and cruise lines. Get in touch with us to quickly buy your masks, gloves and hand sanitizer as we work together to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

USA Goldshield Group Headquarters | Los Angeles

13104 S Avalon Blvd Los Angeles, California, USA, 90061
Phone: (323) 584-8888

Office Building & Retail Sales Director
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: (323) 584-8888

Email: [email protected] 
Phone: (323) 584-8888

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At USA Goldshield Group, we have the infrastructure to support your company. We are currently working with small and large enterprises to assure that we restore confidence to employees and customers.