Satisfying the Demand for PPE

USA Goldshield Group ’s view on the growing PPE demand and supply over the next decade helps guide our long-term business strategies and research programs.

A Future Perspective

PPE can help prevent future epidemics

Making PPE accessible and affordable to the general public is important to improving quality of life. As seen with recent events, it is more important now than ever that we all have a form of protection against illness. Everyone from young and old will need the products that keep them safe.

Masks and other supplies require significant investment

Investment in masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and other PPE for businesses and governments will be a requirement moving forward, if we are expected to have a return to normalcy. It is also the manufacturer’s responsibility to maintain high standards as production increases. 

Increase demand in PPE for the general public

The rise in global population will increase the demand for better products and higher level accessibility for essential medical supplies. The next wave of retiring adults will also require greater focus in regards to maintaining their health and preventing illness at an older age.

Responsible and Sustainable

How we develop and manufacture PPE

Throughout the process, we monitor changes in technology and follow a strict methodology to make sure all of our products surpass the highest standards. We ensure that we closely follow policy developments and receive necessary certifications from respected authorities like the FDA, CDC, and EPA.