Social Responsibility

USA Goldshield Group believes in the ancient concept of Tikkun Olam, or making the world a better place. We believe giving back is good karma and we give back with love. 

Impacting Global Communities

USA Goldshield Group is an important partner for many industries including hospitals, small businesses, and international governments. We strive to provide the best-priced supplies and much more.

Our international network includes manufacturing and distribution centers in Los Angeles, as well as Hollywood, Florida.

Supporting Our Partner Foundations

Many companies have become socially responsible adapting and supporting relevant causes and social programs to help the environment including the air, water, biodiversity, climate, and social & health causes. Their support is vital to help the environment. USA Goldshield Group believes that is important to recognize the effort that socially responsible companies are doing to protect the environment.

Below you will find a partial list of some of the most progressive for profits corporation contributing to support organizations around the world in the environment, sustainability and community investments. There are many other companies doing their part protecting the environment. Check their websites to what organizations they are supporting.


At USA Goldshield Group , we strive to do good for our customers, suppliers, and for the our planet. Making real, positive change for the world drives us to do more than other PPE companies can.